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160A MCCB 3 polig 112-160A 50kA

160A MCCB 3 polig 112-160A 50kA
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160A MCCB 3 polig 112-160A 50kA

Beschrijving (engels)

* IEC60947-1 and GBU4048.1 General Principle
* IEC60947-l and GBT14048.2 Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
* IEC60947-4 and GBT14048.4 Contactoi and Motor Starter
* IEC60947-5-1 and GBT14048.5 Electromechanical
* Controlling Circuit Appliance

The design of PN series molded case circuit breaker (hereinafter circuit breaker)indicates the newest currentlimiting principle and manufacturing technology with the characteristics of compact structure, modulation, higH breaking capacity, no flashover. It is used for infrequent exchange and startup of motor in the circuit AC 50HZ of which rated insulation voltage is 750V, rated working voltage 690V or less, rated working current up to 630A Cirucit Breaker has the overload, short-circuit, and undervoltage protection device, which can protect the circuit and power-supply device from damages.This circuit breaker can be installed vertically ( Erect), and horizontally installed! Level!. The line of this circuit breaker can not be connected reversely, that is. 1,3,5 line connected to power line. 2,4.6 connected to the load line.


Type: PN250/160TM3
Gewicht per stuk: 1.659kg

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